Our Services

Services we provide

Professional IT consultancy and services that you can engage with flexibility, to resolve your operational challenges in day-to-day operations and support your new expansion initiatives and plans.

Have that big idea that you always wanted to implement, but lacked the huge upfront capital or support of the right IT team to implement?

We may be the right business partner that can deliver a solution without huge upfront commitment. Contact us for an obligation free session to discuss your challenges, and let us show you how technology, may be able to overcome those challenges.

Our Approach, in Details

An Agile Approach to Technology Adoption

We seek to provide our clients an alternative way to engage IT as a Service. We work with our clients as a Trusted PARTNER – an extended team, onsite, offsite and offshore. We will help our client by providing:

  • Tactical to address immediate operational needs
  • Strategical to plan for sustainable, long term operational efficiency

We are FLEXIBLE to adapt to changing business needs:

  • Extended team model – Ongoing periodical billing model (OPEX)
  • Project based model – Traditional Time and Material approach

No project is too small for us. And our consultants are multi-lingual ready as well, we can support you in English, Chinese (中文) and Bahasa.

KUDOS is just the beginning

Our Core Values

  • Business and IT Operational Efficiency
  • Technical Consultancy and Project Delivery
  • Embracing Open Source Technology at its core to deliver agile and cost-effective solutions for small businesses and startup communities

Services we offer

Small Businesses

  • IT and digitisation consultancy
  • IT tactical solutions and implementation
  • Strategic IT project and implementation – eg: Client Portal, Online Store, CRM etc
  • Mobile and web-based app development, including corporate website design & maintenance
  • Operational Efficiency – Microsoft Excel development & optimisation
  • Operational Support – flexible IT support can be arranged

Startup Communities

  • Prototyping / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – define, build, continue to enhance
  • Production implementation
  • Mobile and web-based app development